About us

About us

Fortino Tapia

Design, pattern, cut and making are exclusively handmade, so If you have one of our pieces, you know how appreciate the artisan work, because its have and added value that other industrial brands doesn’t. Our workshop – atelier – is exactly where our boutique is, in Girona city. That’s why we can offer you a personal service, for exemple: if you like a design, but dislike the color, we can show you our fabrics and you can choose the one u like and we made a new one piece at your right size, in the same way if you want the design longer, shorter, etc.

The whole making materials: threads, fabrics, ornaments… are manufactured in near cities and all of them come from local businesses.

Fortino Tapia will coat your body with high quality materials carefully chosen and made for you.

Fortino Tapia, a multifaceted designer always faithful to his romantic-gothic style, without losing sight of the current, independent and self-confident woman.

His main source of inspiration are the Arts in any of its multivarious forms. You can guess the languid shadow of Edgar Allan Poe and Charles Baudelaire with a fragrance of Operas, rescued from old photographs and movies, sculptures and poems …

He loves to see how different materials take shape, as if he was sculpting clay. He sest free the imagination and follow her dreams. He loves also to leave his imagination fly and he let him carry on by his dreams on the roads of creation.

He studied fashion design and industrial pattern in the Institut Català de la Moda, in Barcelona.